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Why Us?

IVC is a full-service consultancy that addresses the risk management and technical expertise needs of your firm’s global operations, with specific expertise in the ever-expanding Chinese market.

When addressing business opportunities Globally and in China, we improve your competitive position with in-depth investigations and strategic advice. We reduce the uncertainty of operating in the complex Chinese business environment with proactive and reactive risk management.

Our comprehensive technical backgrounds allow us to handle specialised industries, such as financial services, environmental and marine. We provide direct access to the market with efficient and cost effective services and solutions from our office in Victoria and Shanghai.

Our Mission

Ensuring our client’s success

To provide comprehensive services and advice that allows our clients to capitalise on global opportunities, including China while managing their associated risks.

Key Capabilities

Our experts bring their unique skills to target your global business challenges.

  • A bilingual business environment, namely English and Mandrin
  • Experience in international business and Chinese practices
  • Specialised technical expertise
  • Extensive risk management experience
  • Exceptional investigative proficiency
  • Government and business relationships


By applying the correct resources, IVC improves your firm’s performance and reduces its exposure to risk

We use a holistic approach when tackling international business needs, both globally and in China. By addressing both opportunities and risk concurrently, our clients attain a superior strategic position.

Our experts use in-depth local and industrial knowledge along with investigative skills to provide actionable advice and clear solutions. From the IVC offices in Victoria and Shanghai, we provide prompt, effective and cost-efficient services for our overseas clients.


Integrity and honesty

Integrity and honesty are the cornerstones of IVC’s business. We demand ethical behaviour from our management, employees and business partners.

Our clients’ trust is gained with clarity and openness. We will provide them with innovative solutions that adapt to the changing business environment and ensure success.

IVC management will foster teamwork and an entrepreneurial spirit.


Each industry has its special problems and opportunities

IVC can help any company operating in China. However, our people have in-depth knowledge and years of experience in a range of key industries.

  • Environmental products and services
  • Financial services
  • Heavy industry
  • Consumer products
  • Real estate
  • Construction materials
  • Tourism


Corporate investigation

A multinational mining corporation performed a comprehensive study of its Chinese operations. The study was part of normal company practices and there had been no known issues.

IVC personnel’s discrete investigation found hidden operational problems in various departments. Financial fraud was common place, the sales department was providing false reports and there were serious problems with both local suppliers and partners. Ultimately, the problems were related to poor local corporate governance.

Our Services

Global Market Strategy

Consult with IVC to ensure your global and China strategy is successful. Specialist services include:

  • Competitive market intelligence
  • Venture capital intermediary
  • Sourcing services
  • Industry studies
  • Government practices analysis
  • Strategic marketing
  • Due diligence
  • Representation

Mergers and Acquisitions

With relaxing regulatory conditions in China, many international companies are deciding to grow their business by merger and acquisitions. IVC is able to identify synergies with our unique technical background and comprehensive understanding of the local and international corporate practices. Our investigators ferret out hidden risks and provide effective solutions.

  • Industry studies
  • Corporate intelligence
  • Business investigation
  • Background screening
  • HR reconstruction
  • Fund raising
  • Government practices analysis

Financial Consulting

IVC provides unique insight into how our clients can improve their shareholder value. We help companies with financial due diligence, fraud detection and corporate compliance.

  • Financial due diligence
  • Corporate intelligence
  • Business investigations
  • Background screening
  • Security analysis and management

Know Your Partners

Your business’s success is dependent on finding people you can work with. You need to ensure that employees, suppliers and joint venture partners can work within the culture and rules of your company. We discretely investigate the background, business practices and reputation of your perspective or present partner.

Asset protection is essential to future growth. The loss of infrastructure, intellectual property or people can devastate a company’s operations. We help you secure these assets from external and internal threats.

  • Due diligence
  • Corporate intelligence
  • Business investigations
  • Background screening
  • Security analysis and management

Performance Improvement

IVC helps improve the existing Chinese operations of our clients. Whether it is providing specialised corporate services or risk analysis and management, we help to protect and develop your business.

  • Enterprise diagnostic forensics
  • Strategic sales and marketing
  • Corporate investigations
  • Competitive market intelligence
  • Government practices analysis
  • Forensic financial analysis

Risk Management

International businesses operating in China are exposed to unique risks due to cultural differences and the pace of change in the regulatory and market environments. IVC takes a multi-disciplinary approach to identifying and mitigating the risks your company is exposed to.

Even the best proactive risk management system will not stop all risks in their tracks. When a crisis happens, our experts identify the nature of the crisis, minimise the damages and move your company quickly to a recovery stage.


  • Risk due diligence
  • Fraud investigations
  • Business intelligence
  • Corporate investigations
  • Forensic accounting and litigation
  • Compliance analysis
  • Security analysis and management
  • Crisis management


Sophie Liu

Founding Partner

Sophie Liu is an independent risks management and investment consultant at International Venture Consulting. She is proficient in crafting effective, value-enhancing solutions for companies dealing with complex operating and capital structure problems. She has years of experience with both multinational and domestic corporations and has expertise in international business analysis.

Sophie joined Control Risks Group (CRG) in 2003. As the Senior Consultant, Sophie was responsible for investment consultancy, business corporate intelligence, feasibility research and crisis management. She also developed unique and successful business strategies for her clients. Her global experiences included developing solutions to difficult and demanding issues in the field of international business. Assignments focused on operations, market strategy, government policy and practice risk analysis .The assignments were diverse and included complex tasks that included forensic financial investigation, JV / mergers & acquisitions, crisis management, due diligence and technical collection and evaluation.

Prior to joining CRG, Sophie worked in a publicly held Chinese conglomerate and joint venture for many years. She successfully attained management, operating and administration experiences. She was involved in significant corporate restructuring. During this time, Ms. Liu gained useful insight into the somewhat opaque and often confusing Chinese business environment. Sophie has developed expertise in devising business turnaround strategies, sales design, marketing strategy, debt restructuring plans and divesting of unprofitable and/or non-strategic operations and assets.

Sophie holds the following certifications:

  • Certificate in Business Administration from University of Victoria, Canada
  • IFA from the Institute of Financial Accounting, UK
  • RFP (Registered Financial Planners), Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Bachelor in International Business Administration from Armstrong University of California
  • English Literature, Xi’an International Studies University, China
  • International Risks Management training, Control Risk, London, UK


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